Welcome to the clan of PCN (Must read)

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Welcome to the clan of PCN (Must read) Empty Welcome to the clan of PCN (Must read)

Post  Ittarra Oda on Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:52 pm

Welcome to PCN,if you are reading this you have done well or excelled at a certain time that caught a member's eye. Whatever it may be I'll leave you to ponder that,this is the introduction for new members of our clan our rules are very simple be respectful and have fun,anyone found harassing another over this forum will be banned and forever put on the "Wall of Syphilis" to where no amount of PCN could remedy yourself. Remember enjoy yourself,but also be respectful this clan is easy going follow these rules and we'll be fine.

1. Please introduce yourselves in the topic named "Introductions" Gamertag must be updated as per change if change has happened.

2. If you feel you are not going to be around for a long while due to school,or anything else in real life,please allow a clan member know or post in the topic named "AFK" either is acceptable. We don't want to forget who's a clan member and have them wrongfully forgotten

3. Any questions please visit the topic "Free Clinic" so we can get you in and out so we may continue to remedy our cause

4. There will be no Camping of any kind in this clan,if you are found corner camping because it is the ONLY way you get kills. I personally will boot you out,and make sure you don't get back into ANY clan.

5. (In response of #4 rule) If you are "Tactically Waiting" for another person to take your bait then that is fine.

6. If you do NOT want to be a part of Clan Wars please state so in the "Introductions" topic,you will not be penalized in anyway shape or form.

Respect everyone in the clan this is the first and final warning,and by being accepted in this clan we already know you are respectful. Have fun and remember..the cure always starts with you
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